Mallorca has a rich Jewish history with a beautiful Jewish quarter. Our official guide will navigate the tiny winding streets and describe the life of the past Mallorca Jewish community and their present Converso descendants known as “Chuetas.” This is a fascinating visit for anyone interested in history and culture. We are happy to arrange a Shabbat meal and plan a visit to the active local synagogue.

What we’ll do

We will begin our walk through the Old Jewish Quarter of Palma by visiting its small Interpretation Center where we will learn about the island’s secret Jewish history. We will then walk the narrow windy streets leading us through its labyrinth as we hear stories of the Spanish Inquisition and its effects on the community that are still being felt today. We will learn about the Chuetas (or Marranos) – a group of Mallorcan locals who are descendants of the Crypto-Judios from the 16th and 17th centuries. We will visit the statue of Jafuda Cresques – the most famous Jewish cartographer from Palma whose maps helped Christopher Columbus find the New World. We will see the sites where two old synagogues used to be. I will tell you which famous Mallorca foods have pork in it and why. We will learn about the exciting revival of the Jewish community today where many descendants are returning back to their Jewish roots after 500 years of hibernation and discrimination.

1.5 hours total

Languages: Offered in English and Spanish

What to bring:

Comfortable Walking Shoes

Keen interest in the subject